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About us

Snow sports - at their very core - are about pushing boundaries and seeking out new frontiers. From the mountaineer pushing the limits of their will and endurance to the snowboarder pushing the limits of gravity - winter sports enthusiasts are a culture of pioneers.

We were inspired by this to create the Andorra Gear brand because we believe that same drive – that keen dissatisfaction with the ordinary that’s shaped the culture of snow sports since their inception - is the foundation of a great business. It’s why we won’t settle for anything less than professional quality designs and why we scrutinize every detail of each product we produce until it’s the best it can be.

Constantly searching for our own boundaries to break, we look to our customers for the vital feedback that steers our development. If history is any indication – they’re the best place to look. It was an ordinary man – not a company – after all, that introduced the game-changing innovation that was adding bindings to snowboards early on in the sport’s history. Everyday innovators like this prove to us that great ideas truly can come from anywhere, and so we seek to celebrate them through constant improvements in both our products’ performance and in the way we do business.

Another key way we seek to celebrate the culture of winter sports is by helping grow that culture. If we can impress the seasoned expert and newcomer alike with the level of quality and performance we’re able to deliver at an affordable price, we help grow these sports by reducing the impact of cost as a barrier to participation and thus are able to help promote the values that inspire us so much in more people.

 We create products that bring the cutting-edge design ideas enjoyed by the world’s best athletes to the everyday consumer because we believe it’s in the very spirit of winter sports not to settle for anything less.

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